Aloha Church of God Prayer Ministries

Look through the following 6 ministry opportunities, click on the icon for any that interest you, then "Like" to sign up. Contact Pastor Tim for more information.

Pastor's Prayer Partners
* Sign up for one Sunday per quarter
* While pastor is preaching, Prayer Partners are in Prayer Chapel praying
* Praying for pastor, his teaching, those listening
* "Like" to sign up

Prayer Triplets
* Ideally 3 people. Could be 2, could be 4
* Covenant to meet together once a week
* Pray for each other's needs, the church, anything else that comes up
* Also connect thru phone calls, texts, emails or FB messages every day just to make sure everyone's okay
* Find a couple people you're comfortable with and get started
* "Like" to sign up

Small Groups
* Each group has prayer time as an important part of their meeting schedule
* Includes Sunday School and Leadership Teams
* "Like" if you're part of an ACOG small group or if you want to be
Heaven's Most Wanted
* Prayer for 1 specific person to receive Christ
* Concentrated prayer every single day
* HMW list on display in sanctuary so others can pray too
* If you want a name on the list, but think they might be embarrassed to see it up on the wall, we can keep a confidential list just between you and me
* "Like" to sign up
* Write your HMW name on the poster in sanctuary
* Privately message me with names (1 per person) for confidential list
Prayer Walks
* Take a daily walk through your neighborhood
* Pray for the families in the houses you pass
* Take any opportunities to smile or say "Hi" to people in their front yards or driveways
* Get better acquainted with your neighbors
* Great way to open your spiritual eyes to the needs of your neighborhood
* Partner with God to meet needs in YOUR world
* "Like" to sign up
5 - 5 - 5
* Pray for 5 people
* 5 minutes a day
* 5 days a week
* Combine with your Prayer Walk
* "Like" to sign up